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Founded 2003 in Sweden, Mythicscape Online Entertainment is a small company focused on developing online games[1] and Java[2] based user interfaces[3]. In addition to professional programmers Mythicscape works with experienced gamers to produce rich and innovative gaming environments. Together with BatMUD[4] they have developed a MUD client[5], BatClient. Games from Mythicscape Sharune: The Era of Blood and Steel (closed) Sharune...

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BatMUD | Muds Wiki

BatMUD is an active medieval[1] fantasy[2] MUD[3] with a large playerbase[4], established in 1990. BatMUD is Finland-based and operated and owned by an organisation, Balanced Alternative Techniques ry[5] ry (“B.A.T. ry”), a non-profit organization, officially registered 1994 in Helsinki, Finland.[1]. By 2006, over 100,000 players had frequented the game, making it one of the largest text-based multiplayer games on the...

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A Little Love Letter to Sega’s ‘Virtua Racing’

Above: ‘Virtua Racing’ screenshot courtesy of Sega. I didn’t see Virtua Racing in the arcades themselves, but man, did I ever pore over screenshots of it in the pre-internet games press of the time. In 1992, the 16-bit console competition was reaching maximum heat, with the twin mascots of Sonic and Mario leading their respective platforms in all-out playground warfare. Each console...

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Preparing to Pitch the Media in a Post-Pandemic World Webinar

Anna Medaris Miller Senior Health Reporter, Business Insider Anna Medaris Miller is a senior health reporter at Insider, covering human behavior, women’s health, rare and invisible medical conditions, and more.  Previously, she was a senior health editor at U.S. News & World Report and an associate editor at APA’s Monitor on Psychology magazine. Her work has also been published in...

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